Ashby Ivanhoe (Map)

Ivanhoe Social Club
1 Wilfred Place
LE65 2GW

Club night: Thursday
Start time: 7:30pm
Session length: 3 hours
Digital clocks: Yes

Visitors must sign in.
Bar available.
Visitors crossing the snooker hall to the playing area are asked to avoid disturbing snooker players' shots.

Secretary Andrew Wilson

2022–2023 League

Division 2 Ashby 1 Andrew Wilson
Division 3 Ashby 2 Chris Tipper
Division 3 Ashby 3 Nick Wyld
Division 4 Ashby 4 David Holmes
Division 4 Ashby 5 Neil Roberts

2023 Summer Cups

Harrod Cup Ashby 1 Andrew Wilson
Harrod Cup Ashby 2 Tom Gerrard
Harrod Cup Ashby 3 Dominic Lennon

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